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What’s your style statement? ⠀

Have you ever wondered why you don’t feel completely confident with your clothing choices?

Or why an outfit may look absolutely stunning on someone else, but awful on you?

How many shopping mistakes have you made because you have seen a friend, a mannequin, a celebrity, or even a stranger wearing a great outfit?

Finding your personal style isn't something you can do overnight. But there are strategies you can use to learn more about the clothing that works for you. Here you go…


Look to your wardrobe. Think about the clothes you have that make you happy. What are your favourite items in your cupboard? Pull these pieces out and think about why they make you feel good. Now – mix and match. Your little black dress, a denim jacket, simple T-shirts, a leather tote. These items may be simple, but they’ll help you show off your unique style by providing a foundation for more exciting pieces.


Find fashion inspiration. Start with family and friends whose style you admire. Find a few fashion bloggers whose style interests you. Learn about different style types, and identify the ones with which you most align. When you shop, keep this in mind.


Create a fashion mood board. Once you’ve gathered your fashion inspiration, compile the images into a mood board. As you compile these pictures, one or two dominant styles will emerge - choose two or three images that exemplify your choice, and keep those images on your phone so that you can look at them when you’re out shopping.


Add unique pieces to your wardrobe that shows off your style personality. This might involve some experimentation, so remember that it's okay if you change your mind. Personal style is all about playing with fashion to discover which clothes make you feel your best. Start with bold accessories and colour and then work on mixing and matching prints and textures.


Identify what colour suits you. For example, if you have brown or dark hair, then shades like brown, red, and green will suit you the most. Once you have found your go-to colour and fit, combine these details into your wardrobe, and you move to the next step in identifying your style statement.


Considering your lifestyle and your goals and how you want to project yourself to the world also matters. Figuring this out will help you to go in the right direction.

The style should make sense in your field of work, your overall lifestyle, and the city you live in. Consider accessories, they can pull any look together and help in achieving your fashion goals. Try different accessories that align with your fashion sense.

Own your style and be proud of it, and over time, by trying new things you will find what makes you sparkle, and express who you are and who you want to be and that is the ultimate style statement.

Feel free to share your thoughts, and mention your style statement. We will be glad to hear from you. Until next time!

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