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The Mountains, The Sky and Me

Do you find joy in every single drop of rain?

Do you find peace looking at different shades of the sky?

Do you love listening to the chirping of birds or being lost amidst the greenery of mother earth?

Well, if you answer yes, welcome to the lap of nature.

The happiness of being surrounded by tall mountains, enclosed with a foggy atmosphere and the beautiful shades of the sun is really priceless and worth admiring.

Fills your soul and instil rejuvenation

When you adjust your lens and retrospect the creation of nature, you won’t stop yourself from admiring the dewdrop on green grass that looks like a pearl, silvery light of the Moon, aroma, and fragrance of flowers, and fully snow-covered mountains.

Such different hues of nature, gladden our hearts and ennoble our souls, and soothes our eyes. It seems to have some healing powers that fuel you and rebalances you to take on anything that comes the way.

Disconnect us to reconnect us

It’s always the mystery why we love mountains so much. Probably, because it disconnects us to reconnect with the ethereal world, welcoming isolation and solitude to experience the indistinguishable beauty behind excursion, climbing, and hiking.

The phenomenal Mountains and infinite beauty of the sky always pull us with its refined splendour that never gets old and never subsides.

Symbolize personal growth

Leaving the town and climbing nature requires boldness and initiative to take the risk, challenging yourself both physically and mentally to grow out of your comfort zone.

By completing something you started and seeing it through to the end, it gives you immense pleasure and confidence.

And when interact with nature, you respect wildlife and develop empathy, blossoming yourself into a humble person!

“As a self-professed mountain lover, I have left my heart in mountains, Sky, and Nature. They call me again to relive every moment and recreate memories with a pinch of nostalgia.”

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