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A Woman of Clear Vision and Sharp Wisdom

"Growth is a step-by-step journey, and development is an evolution," says Ms Khakhkhar, The Founder and Director at E Mega Mart India, who has worked diligently to become the marvel she is.

Rajkot, Gujarat Feb 27, 2021 ( - Bhavini Khakhkhar- Early Age and Journey Born to a highly supportive family since an early age, Ms. Khakhkhar had an entrepreneurial spirit like a forward-thinking approach that embraced critical questioning, innovation, service, and continuous improvement. She has been a risk-taker and problem solver and always wanted to become an exemplary woman with a maverick spirit of working on something that can precisely address society's problems and satiate them with a fully-fledged solution.

With the passion of diving deep into any subject matter, she has served 17+ years in Ethicare Remedies with her husband, Ilesh Khakhkhar, where Ms. Khakhkhar understood the evolving world of dermatology and pinpointed it with the latest advancement and innovation in products. When people are genuinely passionate about their company's problems, they energize by any challenge that stands in their way. The same happened with Ms. Khakhkhar, who realized that the loopholes of accessibility to get all products on one platform are quite limited. With the idea of bringing all cosmetic products on one platform and under one roof, she laid the foundation of E Mega Mart India with a simple approach to serving society from all across the international boundaries.

"When you start something, the odds of success are strongly against you. But you need to trust the process and get going," added Bhavini Khakhkhar, who deals with handbags, to Beauty and Cosmetics – everything through a customer-centric virtual store. Objective, Vision, and Mission

Committed to natural beauty and elegance, Ms. Khakhkhar believes in building partnerships with the client by delivering a high and superior quality of products in compliance with international norms ISO 9000 and ISO 91001. "As an ardent innovator and Cosmeceutical leader, our company is well known for its research and development efforts and run with an ultimate objective of 100% client satisfaction, no matter what it takes in," asserted Ms. Khakhkhar, who wants to revolutionize the cosmetic industry with 100% genuine products and on-time service delivery. Driven by professionalism and commitment, she is on a mission to distinguish E Mega Mart India based on innovation, new technology, and excellent customer service by providing value-for-money & natural ingredients with state-of-the-art technology. Bhavini Khakhkhar – A Woman of Vision and Wisdom also aims to become the obvious choice and preferred suppliers of top-quality beauty products and technology that encompass beauty and income creation solutions for all.

Skills and Qualities As a distinct personality, Ms. Khakhkhar is a rare combination of self-confidence, genuineness, credibility, sanguinity, enthusiasm, warmth, and a high level of humanity. She firmly believes that a business's charm is not in the quantities of a company but the quality of services provided. Being ambitious and tenacious, Ms. Khakhkhar knows what and how much it takes to become people's most favoured company. Therefore, with her industry-specific knowledge, she has provided guidance and suggestions to a line of customers based on their skin quality and condition to bring customers back and not the product. Her simple and focused customer-oriented methodology has won many customers' hearts that enlarged their target base and attracted supernormal revenue with an exceptional growth rate. Striving for excellence is her driving force. She constantly revolutionizes her benchmarking standards with the utmost dedication and perseverance by addressing customer satisfaction and grievances after trying new cosmetic products. Besides that, she has a team that believes in educating laggards regarding coupons and the online shopping process to deliver a delightful shopping experience. "We have customer-friendly and 'no ask' return policy to ease the satisfaction and make them our patron customers", added Bhavini Khakhkhar. About her pathway to success, she boldly talks about how victory comes to those who dare to dream. "Be courageous and face life's harsh truth that success doesn't come easy. It requires a blend of hard work, dedication, and utmost patience to fight back harder the status quo."

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