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A Renowned Highflyer of The Cosmetic Realm

There is a popular saying, “Only a woman knows what a woman needs.” And the quadrupling number of women entrepreneurship in women cosmetics is solid proof to justify it. Women are acing the cosmetic industry, especially in skincare and hair care. With the increasing urbanization and globalization, people have become more conscious about what they consume. And being conscious of how dangerous pollutants may be to the skin, they are becoming more aligned with qualified products. In India, cosmetics have an ever raging competitive market.

Dominated by a slew of top-notch brands, it’s tough finding the right product. Not to worry, Lely’s, an Indigenous e-Cosmetic Brand, is a verified choice. Founded by Bhavini Khakhkhar, a dynamic entrepreneur, the brand respects the needs of women and offers a comprehensive grooming solution to bring out their inner beauty.


Whether professional or personal, grooming enhances selfesteem and helps in building an attractive personality. It also has a striking influence on the appearance – and how they regard themselves. Aware of these, Lely’s offers specially formulated products for Grooming, Hair Care, and Skin Care. And every collection is divided into specific categories. Its skincare collection focuses on Anti-Ageing, Dry Skin and Oily & Acne Range.

Also, Haircare is sub categorized into Hair Oil, Hair Lotion and Hair Serum. Its products are a fine blend of distinct combinations and come at unbeatable prices! Lely’s products are FDA Approved, Dermatologically Tested and not tested on animals. This upholds an ethical image of the brand and ensures its products are safe for regular use. Lastly, the products are attractively packaged and adhere to modern styles of the same.


“The way you care for your body, you must care for your skin too. Because self-care is simply the best stewardship, you can gift yourself,”Bhavini Khakhkhar. The founder is a virtuoso in skincare and a serial entrepreneur specializing in female grooming. The desire to be different was in Bhavini since childhood. Bhavini always had big dreams and outstanding leadership qualities. Growing up, she inherited her parents’ generosity and goodness, which enhanced her traits.

Bhavini married a smart, ambitious man who shared and supported her core principles. After Nine Years of happy marriage, the couple sought to start their own venture. “We set to make this world a better place through varied products and set standards in quality and affordability,” says Bhavini. And that is how Lely’s came into existence. Under her thoughtful leadership, Lely’s is growing at a steady pace. Her vision fuels her commitment to be a constant learner, adaptive and improve necessary skills with knowledge.

As a serial entrepreneur, she is very customer-centric, and she keeps her brainchild aligned to their satisfaction. Also, she has created a young and passionate team. And just like herself, she empowers every associated member to improve their skills and knowledge and achieve their dreams. Bhavini has also founded E Mega Mart, an online store for various cosmetics and skincare products. She aims to see both brainchildren touch the stratosphere and have a seismic presence in the cosmetic realm.


Bhavini’s resilient nature allows Lely’s keep up with modern times. Its team explores beauty trends, utilizes research papers, seeks guidance from industry experts, and enjoys working on the newest advancements. This helps in curating new products, float business pipelines and thrive.

“It is our motive to create a win-win situation for both the company and client,” avers Bhavini. The research-based model also rewards industrial insights, knowledge to revamp existing processes into efficient ones while reducing costs. The value-added practices are what makes its products easy to use, safe to apply, and result-oriented. Moreover, the fact that its products are 100% cruelty-free positions them a notch higher than its peers. Lely’s places client happiness at the forefront of its operations and strives to provide the highest quality products with value-added services.

Lely’s constant endeavour to keep up with times gave it an upper hand during COVID-19. The Pandemic is rapidly shifting the world and has compressed years of digital transitions. Lely’s, however, is an e-Brand working at a PAN India scale. Leveraging digital paths, it stayed in touch with its ground crew, who act as its eyes and ears. It also uses digital marketing channels for promotional purposes.


The ability to multitask while maintaining a work-life balance makes an entrepreneur stand out. However, women are born multi-taskers. Although it’s difficult, they maintain a balance between professional and personal, allowing space for work, leisure, family, and other activities. Being a serial entrepreneur, Bhavini balances all of her responsibilities perfectly. Furthermore, she has quite an incorrigible ideology about women empowerment. She quotes her perspective, “Whoever said that being a homemaker is an easy task surely has never done the job. I believe that every woman should work towards their dream rather than sitting idle at home.”

She, like others, has had to deal with the arduous obstacles of being an entrepreneur, but the benefits and opportunities keep her going. The benefits of a flexible work paradigm, including the ability to learn, be your own boss, and, most importantly, work toward your passion, outweigh the downsides. She believes that the motivation to keep pushing should originate from within, which helps her grow her brands. She also exudes a polished sense of style that is simple, elegant, and ready-towear.


“Family is a life-jacket in the stormy sea of life.” A company’s most valuable asset is its employees. And every company must have a culture that instils ideals in its employees and inspires them to improve. Lely’s have sustained a similar culture since its inception. It has team members working with them for 5+ years; and they’d been trained and nurtured since the inception. Its management panel primarily consists of people who rose from within the company. Bhavini takes a keen interest in upgrading people from within since they understand the company to the core.

Furthermore, treating team members as friends, nurturing them with proper mentorship and helping in the needs of the extended family keeps employees engaged. “I believe that promoting the team within the company is beneficial as it motivates the other teams as well,” she states. Bhavini also keeps open lines of communication with everyone, encouraging them to voice any problems – they may have. “We also celebrate the achievements of each team member to boost their confidence,” she adjoins.


Lely’s was envisioned to help Indian women outshine their beauty and personality. Needless to say, this vision has bear fruits in ways more than one. Besides a satisfied consumer base, the brand won ‘The Most Promising Beauty Brand’ award at the International Glory Awards 2021 from Bollywood celebrity Mr Sonu Sood. In short, Lely’s isn’t an overnight success. It took lots of hard work, R&D, planning, and executing strategies, and of course, the collaboration of customers and partners.

Lely’s also has many projects in the pipeline for the near future. It’s set to cope up with trends and technology to drive customer needs. “We are so excited to go ahead with new product developments, and of course, to make you fall in love with nature,” states Bhavini promisingly.


“Put your trust in yourself! Do what you love and value your time. Understanding that difficult times will occur is important. When you know your customer, learn about them, and adapt to them, you will be patient and able to tackle challenges headon.” – Bhavini Khakhkhar

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