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About Me

Remember the craze for beautiful cosmetics and make-up knick-knacks when you are a teenager? Those lovely ads which lured you to buy the best cosmetic products – and when you actually bought them, did not turn out as sleek and heavenly as they were promised? Well, that was my first turning point – I promised myself to build the best cosmetic-products line in India which will stand true to the expectation of the buyer.  I wanted to make beauty products which would make my buyers happy and satisfied – and this gave birth to my company ‘UBIK’, a company that makes the most skin-friendly beauty products. 
Born and brought up as a down-to-earth girl with goodness and kindness as the core values that I have inherited from my parents, I married at a very early age to a highly intellectual and ambitious man who also reflected the same good values. 
After 9 years of our marriage, we decided to start our own business ‘UBIK’. With a desire to make the world a more beautiful place and a mission of ‘innovation is our identity’ we continuously thrive to deliver the best. Today, we are all set to make this world a beautiful place through our products which stand true on the test of quality and affordability. 
Each day, every single day - I wake up with the feeling of gratitude that I am a part of this beautiful mission. Every single day, I commit myself to take a step forward, to learn new lessons and adopt the changes necessary to uplift my skills and knowledge. As I achieve my dreams, every person associated with me is gracefully empowered to achieve their dreams. 
Leading by example, I have a team of self-driven and self-motivated squad, working sincerely without any outside monitoring. This gives me my creative time to explore new ideas and novel concepts that propel our growth in the right direction. 
We, as a team working for the UBIK, are eternally grateful, happy and ever-evolving, and we are determined to make a difference – to help elevate each person who is associated with us, to make their lives better and beautiful.  
Being a successful woman in business means different things to different people at different times in their lives. When I was young, I evaluated this solely on making a name for my company. In my thirties, things changed immensely when I had my son. Then being successful in business meant providing stability for my son, while taking my company forward as the finest in beauty products. In my forties, things changed again. Today being a successful woman in business means making time for my family, friends and myself, while creating value at work. By finally incorporating my passion into my day-to-day, I am beginning to be truly successful in business and life.
Today, success for me is a matter of defying expectations, overcoming the odds, and creating opportunities to succeed where they might not otherwise exist.




​Bhavini Khakhkhar

Diploma in Cosmetic Brand Management 

Certified from Institute of Personal Care Science

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